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Our Mission And Vision

The Mission of United Villas Pvt Ltd Company is to be the most sucessful real estate firm in India.United Villas incorporates proven,professional state of the art techniques specializing in the marketing and developing researched gated residential communities,commercial and investment opportunities.we maintain a full time staff of well trained real estate professionals who continually strive to provide top quality service for their individual clients and customers.United Villas Pvt Ltd is a creative,innovative and people oriented organization providing individual opportunity,personal satisfaction and rewarding challenges to all members of the firm.

Mir Zaheer Uddin Ali Khan
Chairman & Managing Director

Project Analysis

The ability to quickly evaluate a project based on our market Knowledge and specialize RESEARCH PANEL using current costs based on other projects in the marketplace

Property Knowledge

Studying a property's History and understanding its potential are the first steps in creating a project plan.Our thorough product knowledge and research enables us to find the right project space.

Customer Satisfaction

We strive to provide the finest quality Customer service the industry has to offer.Our foremost priority is customer satisfaction,and our executives work together to make sure that goal is achieved.We require exceptionally high business and ethical standards which in turn strengthens our reputation in the community.Our network of satisfied clients who return time and again to use and refer our services is testament to our professionalism,integrity and extensive knowledge of our market.We believe that providing highly-trained and motivated professionals whose primary goal is client satisfaction leads not only to happy clients,but also provides a rewarding and gratifying work experience for our staff.



"“We have worked with DHI Construction for 8 years. DHI openness, honesty, and excellence extend to each employee, which is unique in this field"


"As a General Contractor working on unique and exclusive residential projects, we rely on professional and dependable subcontractors. DHI Construction has been a reliable and high quality concrete subcontractor with whom we have worked for more than 8 years."


"“Working with Dream Home Infrastructures is like having the privilege of watching Michelangelo at work. With concrete as their medium they build incredibly beautiful yet brilliantly engineered solutions.”


“DHI is synonymous with concrete. They not only know the engineering aspect of concrete, they know about the aesthetics of it, too. In fact, DHI concrete comes out looking like sculptured art. I should know – they did a very large project for me that extended over several years. The job was done expertly, efficiently, and with style.